PrestoIntelligence was created to support the ever-growing financial tech mortgage industry with its smart, innovative technology. Venture capitalists have been pouring billions of dollars into the fintech mortgage industry; however, we are the first to create the “V-12 Engine” to support the industry at scale. 


PrestoIntelligence has created a scalable, smart technology infrastructure as an antidote to traditional, fragmented brick-and-mortar, mom-and-pop structures. Without PrestoIntelligence, the fintech mortgage industry cannot meet its full potential: It would continue to hemorrhage money in wasted time with inefficient communications and no job transparency for its licensed professionals. PrestoIntelligence streamlines everything.


Who we are?

In short ... we are the future. PrestoIntelligence is the new face of real estate valuation technology. If you've heard of Microsoft Cortana or even Eurisko, you have an idea of the power and beauty of "fintech" technology. PrestoIntelligence is all that and more: It's designed with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help eliminate the woes of the real estate inspections market. As one of the intelligent innovations of 21st century, PrestoIntelligence automates tasks for Certified Inspectors.


What do we do?

PrestoIntelligence is proud to present a platform where all your home inspection tasks can be streamlined and processed via a single point of contact. The platform has been built with intelligent algos that integrate automated error fixing, reasoning, machine learning, manipulation, language processing, knowledge representation, and many more features. With our app, you will be free from the tedious tasks inherent in the traditional home inspection processes.