How Do Inspectors Benefit?


An app that works around you

Prestolntelligence adapts to your preferences: You will have the ability to select jobs within your location at the tap of a button, saving you time and money. The app accelerates "Job Acceptance" and simplifies the payment process for you. Prestolntelligence allows you to accept jobs based on your schedule and location. With its chat bot Eve and smart Al technology, the app stands out with proprietary algorithms, cognitive computing, neural network-assisted machine learning, biometrics facial learning, and other cutting-edge capabilities, making it a truly SMART app.

Quick and easy to get started

If you are a Certified Inspector, sign up with Prestolntelligence. Once we verify your credentials, you will become one of our full-time vetted inspectors and will be listed as a Prestolntelligence expert. It's free and easy!



Designed for Inspectors

When you are ready to make money, open Prestolntelligence and start browsing thousands of real estate inspection jobs. Accept one, and you will receive all the details you need to complete the job. Meanwhile, sort all your queries and ask questions to Eve within the app. With its neural network-assisted machine learning capabilities, the app retains all your input for further easy processing. Our online payment system allows you to receive payment in real-time, no more waiting.

Access to all documents

The app provides a property document checklist to guide you through job completion, and Eve is equipped to answer any questions that may arise. With Prestolntelligence, everything is simplified: Neural-learning technology helps automate document access, and Prestolntelligence automatically organizes data of all sizes.


Get started in minutes

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Create Your Profile

Prestolntelligence, the most intelligent platform for property valuation, gives you the fastest 'profile creation' experience. It is simple and time-saving, and perhaps, the best example of how AI integration can assist with real estate valuation experiences.

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Accept a Job

Thousands of inspection jobs already await you on the app. After you have signed up with Prestolntelligence, simply select a job that fits your set of skills, and say goodbye to the ways of old. Prestolntelligence provides real-time payment for services and will soon be an indispensable part of your business.

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Offer Feedback

PrestoIntelligence serves inspectors. To best do so, the app uses AI technology to create a "sentiment analysis" based on your reviews. While writing reviews may not top your priority list, we use your valuable information to efficiently address common issues.

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PrestoIntelligence in a Nutshell

PrestoIntelligence is the latest tech-enabled real estate valuation solution powered by artificial intelligence. It's guaranteed to make your inspection process more efficient and informative. Its machine learning technology results in smart, savvy inspectors. PrestoIntelligence is an industry leading data, security, and privacy organization complete with a SOC II Certification.