Balance Fun and Work on the Same Scale with PrestoIntelligence

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PrestoIntelligence is the buzz around the Real Estate Valuation market, and we are pretty proud of that. The conventional method of property valuation has always been a hassle, but we offer something better, something more advanced to the process. After years of researching and analyzing diverse factors, we've finally developed the ultimate technological solution of the 21st century: PrestoIntelligence.

What is PrestoIntelligence?

Simply put, it is a digital platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Also known as automation technology, AI will breathe new life into traditional, conventional real estate valuation processes. From Watson to Siri, AI has been a hit in multiple business applications. As other industries introduce chatbots and automation technology into their systems, we're revolutionizing the Property Appraisal and Valuation industry.

What’s the Big Idea?

Real estate is almost always in demand; shelter is essential to mankind. But we're revitalizing the traditional system. By integrating artificial intelligence into property inspection business applications, we are bringing something fresh, automated and smart to the market. Technological innovations have historically increased business profits, by decreasing or saving costs in labor, infrastructure and time. It's high time the property valuation process benefits from technological advancements, and we're proud to be the name that initiated the change: PrestoIntelligence.

Features and Benefits

As financial technology disrupts the conventional market, PrestoIntelligence remains ahead of its time. Our product is the future of the FinTech trend, with automation and bots featured within. To best understand the product's features and benefits, you need to know its reason for being. The conventional market of property valuation is intricate. Inspectors always have challenges, including posting and finding jobs, effective communication among all parties, price negotiations and seeing a job through to successful completion. Additionally, there are always obstacles in the path: having to attend meetings on short notice, managing multi-layered calls, facing sudden cancellations, and all too often, leaving jobs poorly done or even unfinished. A dispersed service system and absence of real-time communication are huge contributors to those obstacles. Bearing those challenges in mind, PrestoIntelligence has been designed to ease the load. We have integrated AI into our application, along with a highly advanced chatbot called EVE. Upon installing and running the software on your computer, you will need to sign up to be a member of our community (don't worry – we promise it's quick and painless!). Once you've been authorized, you can get to work! For our real estate customers, PrestoIntelligence enables single and bulk job posting options. Once you're done posting your job(s), you'll be redirected to the list of vetted and experienced inspectors. You can then choose to send your request manually, or the PrestoIntelligence system will automatically notify inspectors to review your job proposal.


"CHAT with EVE" is a premium addition to the system. Since our whole program is AI-enabled, Eve can answer any of your questions about jobs or how to use the app, right off the bat (saving you time, energy and sanity). When your work gets smarter, so does your work-life balance!