The Debilitating Business of Property Inspections: PrestoIntelligence Talks

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With every technological advancement, humans have transformed the way we work and live. From technological inventions to artificial intelligence (AI) integration, we've come a long way, and no one in the financial technology industry exemplifies progress better than PrestoIntelligence.

How Does AI Help A Business Application Become More Efficient?

When everything you used to do manually becomes automated – you get used to it. Let’s roll back to where we started: Up to now, the traditional property valuation process has been completely manual (except for maybe a few electronic files and forms). Think of all those meetings and phone calls inherent in the property valuation process; no doubt they leave you short on time and energy and cost you money. Enter PrestoIntelligence, a full-fledged AI-enabled software designed to ease the property appraisal and inspection process. PrestoIntelligence features:

  • Actionable intelligence

  • Information integration

  • Customization & personalization

  • Speedy response time

  • Real-time decision making

  • Language processing

  • Neural networking

  • Face recognition and data visualization

Simply put, your tedious job process becomes absolutely streamlined and convenient. PrestoIntelligence is the future of the FinTech trend with ...

  • Robo advisors – i.e., our chatbot called "CHAT with EVE"

  • Mobile payment capabilities

  • Automated documentation, sharing, and auto-checking

  • Online sharing of reviews and feedback

The Bottom Line

This application is advanced technology that reads and processes information in real time. This means that, from now on, property valuation will evolve and advance with the FinTech industry. PrestoIntelligence leads the way with a new level of innovation, marketplace competition and higher productivity. Traditional property valuation processes can no longer hold back inspectors or sellers. 

Haley Wedel