Home Buyer Questions:

How do you select Inspectors?

We select Inspectors based on their level of market expertise and availability.

Will I have access to a human point of contact in addition to EVE?

Within minutes of booking your inspection through EVE™, your human account manager will contact you or your realtor to follow up.

Is the 90-day money back guarantee included with my inspection?

No. The 90-day buy-back guarantee is an optional add-on to your inspection. Prior to checking out, you will be given the opportunity to accept this option.

Will I be in communication with the Inspector at all?

Yes. Once your inspection is booked, the Inspector will send you the contract and you will be in communication with them until report delivery.

Real Estate Professional Questions:

Are there any fees associated with agency in-site use?

No. There are no fees for using our service on your site.

How long after the inspection does my client have to wait to receive the report?

Reports are sent the same day the inspection is completed.

What structures qualify? Homes? Commercial Buildings?

Our network of qualified Inspectors are highly skilled, certified, and insured and can handle any asset class.

Inspector Questions:

How much time is between accepting a job and report submission?

The Acceptance of the job will include a scheduled date. The inspection and report must be completed on that day. Exceptions to same-day reports are only made when the inspection is completed late in the day.

Does accepting jobs make me a Presto employee?

Yes, you would be considered a 1099 contract employee.

How do I get paid?

PrestoIntelligence covers all payments in real-time. Inspectors simply email their report(s) and invoice to: invoice@prestointelligence.com