Is the app free to download?

Yes, download PrestoIntelligence at no cost.

Time is my only concern. How will PrestoIntelligence help?

PrestoIntelligence has been built on AI language, so it has machine learning capabilities to read, learn and understand your concerns within seconds. Inspectors will save a great deal of time and effort with PrestoIntelligence by their side.

Is the PrestoIntelligence app a trial version or fully functioning?

This is no trial version. It is a full-fledged app with all functional features.

What is PrestoIntelligence?

In short, PrestoIntelligence is what Financial Technology should be. Programmed with smart AI algorithms based on FinTech trends, we've combined machine learning features to create the smartest platform for real estate valuation professionals. Inspectors greatly benefit from PrestoIntelligence's groundbreaking technology. Depending upon your diverse and respective needs, this app promises to cut infrastructural expenses, manual efforts, and real-time communication glitches while promoting timely job procurement and more.

How does the app benefit inspectors?

The PrestoIntelligence app has been thoughtfully designed with you in mind. This full-size, comprehensive platform caters to the needs of certified inspectors, with a holistic approach to help you find and complete jobs in real-time. Until now, it was difficult to know what jobs were even out there. By signing up with PrestoIntelligence, you can proactively choose the right jobs for you, out of a pool of choices.

How useful is the app in an inspector’s case?

This app has been built possibly in the smartest manner. This is a full-size and a comprehensive platform catering to the needs of a certified inspector in the market. This is a holistic approach to help inspectors find jobs and complete the jobs in real-time. Before, it was not possible to search for job options; however, by signing-up with PrestoIntelligence, you will get to choose specified jobs out of diverse choices.